Stacey L. Smith, President & CEO, DBG Maritime Consulting, Inc.

Stacey L. Smith serves as the President and CEO of DBG Maritime Consulting, Inc., of Virginia Beach, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Minority Owned Small Business. As President and CEO, he oversees the company’s day to day operations and government contracting capacity building in several countries. While directing this effort, he is personally responsible for a wide range of training technologies for federal and local law enforcement agencies, U. S. allies and private security agencies emphasizing small boat tactics, techniques and procedures in the continental United States and overseas. He manages the instructional training for basic, intermediate and advanced tactics on various maritime platforms. DBG Maritime Consulting is now one of the top maritime operations and maintenance sustainment training subcontractors in North America and the Asian Pacific.

Prior to creating DBG Maritime, he served over 25 years in the United States Navy as a Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Combatant Craft Crewman that operated and maintained the inventory of small specialized craft used to support Navy SEALs and other Special Operations Forces. Being an expert at Instructor Development, Strategic Planning, and Small Unit Development, he is extensively trained in special boat operations, weapons, tactics, techniques, and procedures, and managed personnel in planning, coordination, and preparation of Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) and residential training of 250 International Military Students from 35 different Partner Nations resulting in increased maritime capabilities and proficiency in navigation, communication, boat handling, weapons (small arms and heavy) and engineering.

Stacey has served as an inspirational example of fatherhood and family unity. He has championed the cause for single parent homes and at-risk youth nationwide. Inspired by this calling to reach one to teach one he is a founder and acting board member for SUPPORT A FUTURE ENDEAVOR (SAFE), a Non-Profit Organization that oversees community programs that reinforce leadership, accountability and achievement. He has become an impassioned advocate for at-risk neighborhoods and underprivileged kids nationwide. Annually he also donates over 100 backpacks and schools supplies to three different schools across the state of Florida. Stacey received his Bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education and Curriculum Development from Southern Illinois University, and is Adjunct Faculty at Tidewater Community College of Virginia Beach, Va.


DBG Maritime Consulting of Jacksonville, Florida and Virginia Beach, Virginia, was founded by seasoned MARITIME SPECIAL OPERATIONS professionals. This company consists of former Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman and maintenance support technicians that operated and maintained state-of-the-art, high-performance boats used to support Riverine, Blue-water and Coastal special operation missions. DBG possesses extensive operational and combat experience, offering high quality capabiity and deliverables at competitive prices.